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Description of HGG SPC 330

3D pipe cutting machine HGG SPC 330 for economical thermal cutting and notching of round pipes.

The modern CNC controlled HGG 3D pipe cutting machine is suitable for thermal cutting of heavy round steel pipes up to a pipe diameter of 330 mm and a pipe length of 13,000 mm. For thermal notching, an oxyfuel cutting source and a plasma cutting source are optionally used in this system.

HGG SPC 330 pipe cutting machine Machine components:

  • Movable stable machine frame on which the notching unit with the cutting torch is mounted
  • Modern HGG CNC control with software for 3D cutting
  • Kjellberg Fine Focus plasma cutting source 130 A for plasma cutting
  • Low pressure oxyfuel cutting unit for 3 to 50 mm wall thickness with up to 70 degree cutting angle
  • Height-adjustable three-jaw chuck with integrated fume extraction technology
  • Roller transport system designed as a V-shaped ball trough for round tubes up to 13,000 mm long and weighing up to 3,000 kg including a second integrated fume extraction system below the ball trough
  • Material handling with passive loading area for material feed and material discharge as cross transport system with diabolo rolls including tilting system for pipe ejection
  • Donaldson Torit DEC extraction and filtration system with 6 cartridge filters

Mode of operation of the HGG SPC pipe cutting system

After the selection of the round pipes to be cut, the suitable steel pipes with the maximum initial lengths of 12 m are to be placed on the infeed transport system. The pipes are transferred for the cutting process into the V-shaped ball trough, which guides the pipe over the ball rollers during the cutting process. One end of the pipe is clamped into the three-jaw chuck and placed at the optimum cutting height. Now the desired cutting parameters are loaded or entered into the CNC control. The various cutting shapes are now entered into the CNC control using the ProGRAM work preparation software. The software supports fast parameterized programming and performs automatic waste optimization or enables 3D simulation for easy control of manual cuts. Standard macros such as saddle joints and bevels, PJP saddle joints and bevels, holes and slotted holes, inset and inset holes, Y nozzles and reinforcing plates are available in the software. Now, depending on the wall thickness to be cut, the choice of cutting source is oxyfuel or plasma. The respective torch unit is now exchanged manually and then the cutting process is started. The cutting trolley with the pantographically swiveling cutting head now moves to the position to be cut under CNC control. The resulting cutting fumes are filtered by the three-jaw chuck and an exhaust system located below the V-chute in the Donaldson unit.

The total length of the 3D pipe cutting machine is approx. 33,000 mm and the total width in the inlet and outlet area of the cross transport system is approx. 6,600 mm

This HGG 3D pipe cutting machine is in a nearly new condition.

Disassembly, delivery, assembly, commissioning and training of the SPC cutting machine can be purchased as an option from Nenok in cooperation with the HGG Group service department. Online support by HGG Group is available upon signing a service contract.

  • : kW
  • : t
  • : m
  • : 30 bis 330 mm
  • : CNC
  • : max. 13.000 mm
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