Ficep Tipo B 251
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Description of Ficep Tipo B 251

FICEP Tipo B251 plate processing center

The Ficep Tipo B251 for punching, drilling, and oxy or plasma cutting

The Ficep Tipo B251 CNC controlled flat steel processing center for plates 2500 x 6000 mm is equipped with a drilling unit, a punching unit, a marking embossing unit and a flame cutting unit for oxyfuel cutting and plasma cutting.
Flame cutting is usually performed with an oxyacetylene flame cut for sheets with a material thickness of 20 mm or more, and with a plasma cut for sheet thicknesses up to 25 mm using a Hypertherm HPR 260 plasma torch unit.

The drilling unit has an output of 11 kW and is equipped with a 6-slot tool changer for fast drill bit changes. With its high drive power and drilling speeds, the drilling unit is designed for drilling with carbide tools such as Hartner solid carbide drills, Kennametal KSEM, Hartner Multiplex interchangeable plate tools as well as for use with HSS coolant channel drills in drill diameters from 10 mm to 40 mm. The max. sheet thickness for drilling is 100 mm.

Tipo B Embossing unit

For marking components, the machine is equipped with an embossing unit for embossing numbers and letters. The individual numbers are pressed into the sheets by hydraulic pressure via an embossing wheel. The lettering is therefore still legible after galvanizing.
Material transport of the sheets

Transport system and positioning of plate

In the infeed area and outfeed area, two clamp gauging carriages guide the sheets, or flat material, to the appropriate processing position in the line. These solid tong measuring carriages are guided by sturdy toothed racks and clamp the sheet or flat steel with hydraulic grippers for an accurate processing position. Two conveyor systems in the plant ensure the removal of the finished components and the chips or punching residues.

Ficep Tipo B 251 Donaldson filter unit

The extraction unit of the cutting gases for flame cutting is equipped with a Donaldson Torit filter system. The Donaldson filter unit is located outside the machine.

Mitrol CNC control and Minosse Software

A modern CNC control system type Mitrol is equipped with the software system Minosse. CAD data from the work preparation department is transferred to the Tipo B machine via data line and loaded into the machine through the DSTV data interface. The CNC unit is positioned in a mobile control panel to let the
operator have a complete system overview. All input and output cards are connected to the bus and
positioned, where possible, directly on the Tipo B machine.

Ficep assembly and spare parts

The services of disassembly, transport, assembly, commissioning and training can be gladly provided by Nenok or Ficep.

Due to the versatility of the machining tasks in one machine, the Ficep Tipo B is an ideal machine that is particularly popular in steel processing, plant engineering and steel trading due to its high productivity.

Ficep Tipo B 251 technical Data:

  •     Torch type: oxyfuel and Hypertherm HPR 260 plasma unit
  •     Drill type: suitable for carbide drill Kenametal KSEM or Hartner solid carbide drills
  • : 1 Stk.
  • : 6 St.
  • : 40 mm
  • : Plasma Hypertherm HPR 260
  • : kW
  • : 23 t
  • : 2500 x 6000 mm
  • : m
  • : 100 mm
  • : CNC
  • : Autogen und Plasma
  • : geeignet für Hartmetallbohrer KSEM
  • : 60 mm
  • : 11 kW
  • : 6-fach
  • : 5 t
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