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Plate drilling machine, sheet metal drilling line

Plate drilling machines are used for automatic marking, drilling, tapping and sinking of e.g. head plates, foot plates and connecting plates in the steel construction and metal construction industry. The plate drilling line usually consists of a stable and torsion-resistant C-frame to which the drilling unit with the additional aggregates is attached. Due to the current steel construction standards, hole punching of steel plates or sheets is only possible to a limited extent. Therefore, drilling is also necessary for thinner sheets or flat steel. Plate drilling and sheet metal drilling systems for the steel construction and metalworking are available from machine manufacturers such as Muhr & Bender (Mubea), Behringer-Vernet, Ficep, Helpenstein, Peddinghaus and Voortman. Due to the rapid development of the machine technology, however, almost only plate drilling systems with CNC control and tool changer from Voortman, Ficep and Vernet are used today.

The older CNC controlled flat steel drilling machine used the HSS cooling channel drill. An automatic tool changer, however, already provided for rapid tool replacement in drills in the construction year 1996 to 2004 (see video below). Drilling with carbide drills as well as thread cutting and countersinking is not only possible on the new or used sheet metal drilling machines or plate drilling machines from approx. 2004, but is also particularly suitable for very fast drilling thanks to the powerful drilling drives.

The following plate drilling machines are used as modern systems in many different forms:

Ficep from Varese Italy:

Ficep LP.P 703.2S, Ficep P-401-8D, Ficep P27DD, Ficep P27E

Voortman from Rijssen Netherlands:

Voortman V200

Vernet from Dijon Cedex France:

Vernet FG evo 1000, Vernet FG evo 2000

Even if today the plate-type boring machine is increasingly used as a combination of flame cutting machine (with oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting) and drilling line, the pure plate drilling machine is economical if the flat steel, sheets or plates were already burned to the finished size by a possibly existing flame cutting machine from a metal sheet.

Most CNC plate drilling machines can process the positioning data (CAD data) in DSTV or DXF format. Options include tool changers, deburring units (countersinks) from below, marking units or punching units.

We are happy to advise you on the most suitable operation flat steel processing machine for your steel construction. Used plate drilling machines in good condition can be found at Nenok in Cologne.


Video Example of a used older CNC-plate drilling machine from HMB Helpenstein & Müller. (However, these systems are no longer manufactured.)

Voortman V200 Platten-Bohr-Maschine für die Kopf- und Fussplattenbearbeitung im Stahlbau
Voortman V200 Platten-Bohr-Maschine
Werkzeugwechsler einer Voortman V200 Platten-Bohr-Anlage
Ficep P-401-8D Platten-Bohr-Anlage
Werkzeugwechsler einer Ficep Platten-Bohr-Maschine für den Stahlbau
Flachstahl bohren auf einer Ficep P-401-8D Platten-Bohr-Maschine
Bohren einer Stahlplatte auf einer Ficep Platten-Bohr-Anlage

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