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Beam drill line for steel processing

Beam drill lines are used for the automatic drilling of steel beams and profiles. Angle steel, steel beams, U-profiles, rectangular pipes and flat steel can be drilled in different lengths and at previously at the CNC control programmed positions with HSS drills or oil feed carbide drills. Since steel construction companies have to process different profile sizes, there are suitable beam drilling lines in different performance ranges. Profile beam drill lines are available for profile heights from 300 mm to 2000 mm. The most common profile beam drill line is designed for profile sizes up to 600 mm or 1250 mm. It can be difficult to choose the appropriate size of a beam drill line for a steel construction operation. In such cases we are happy to advise you in order to find the most suitable drill line for your production. You will find a used profile beam drill line suitable for your needs at Nenok from Cologne.
We constantly offer various used drill lines at good conditions.
But we are also interested in buying your used drilling line. Well-known and reliable manufacturers of these CNC drill lines are Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Voortman, Behringer-Vernet and Daito.

Movable profile drilling line with one horizontal drilling unit

As an entry-level machine for the CNC profile beam processing in steel construction, there is the single-spindle beam drill line from Voortman V600, the Peddinghaus Ocean Avenger and the Ficep Excalibur. These favorable drill lines have a horizontal drill spindle. Drilling is carried out in one axis, with the drill line running along the workpiece (profile) on the long side (in the X-direction) on a frame. A tool changer is available as an option. These drills are suitable for structural steel fabricators with smaller production capacities and with a limited floor space.

Beam drill line with CNC control and a rotatable drilling unit

The next stage of automation would be a profile beam drill line with a rotatable drilling axis for 3-side drilling. In this drilling line, the steel profile passes through the machine by a roller system and a measuring system to the position to be drilled. The workpiece is clamped and then the rotatable drilling spindle moves to each programmed drilling position in the three drilling axes. The workpiece (profile) no longer has to rotate as on the movable drill unit and gets thus processed much more quickly.

Beam drill line with CNC control and three drilling units for high production capacities

Depending on the size of the steel profiles, this profile drill line can drill sectional beam flanges and profile webs simultaneously with the three drill heads. This results in very high productivity. Therefore these drill lines are used in most medium-sized and large steel constructions or in the steel trading industry. In this case as well the steel profile is transported and positioned in the X-axis via a measuring system. The workpiece is also clamped and the rotatable drilling spindle moves to each programmed drilling position in the three drilling axes (Y-, Z-, W- axis).
If the drilling axis is controlled in the feed position, the thread cutting, counter sinking and marking can be carried out. There are different options depending on the degree of automation the machines have to achieve. A tool changer is available as an option for most of the machines listed above when bought as a new machine. The retrofitting of a used machine with a tool changer is usually not economical due to the considerable conversion.

Structural steel beam after drilling on CNC beam drill line
Voortman V600 beam drill line with one drill unit
Voortman V613 beam drill line with turning drill unit
drilling of steel beam in 3 positions at the same time
Kaltenbach beam drill line KDM 1015 with tool changer in 3 positions
Beam drill line with 3 drilling head
Vernet beam drill line for carbide drilling of structural steel
Voortman V613 Beam drill line with turning drill head
Beam drill line Peddinghaus TDK1000.9 with roller feed measuring and 3 drill spindles each drill axis

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