Agtos RT 15 - 05-6 / 3.6.3 - 15
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Agtos RT 15 - 05-6 / 3.6.3 - 15

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Description of Agtos RT 15 - 05-6 / 3.6.3 - 15

AGTOS RT 15 - 05 /3.6.3/ 15 Roller conveyor blast machine

This continuous blast machine is used for cleaning steel sheets and steel profiles in professional steel construction and steel trade. The blast machine is equipped with a brushing and blowing device. Furthermore, an efficient filter system is part of the scope of delivery. On request, the noise protection cabin additionally installed by the current operator can be taken over. The plant is subject to a permanent and verifiable maintenance documented in detail and is in a correspondingly very good condition.

AGTOS-RT roller conveyor blast machines Application possibilities

Roller conveyor shot blast machines or continuous shot blast machines are used for cleaning, descaling and derusting of steel profiles and steel sheets. By means of a transport transport system consisting of roller conveyors and cross tractors, different production sections such as blasting, preservation, sawing, drilling and milling can be interlinked upstream and downstream of the blast machine.

AGTOS RT roller conveyor blast machine Machine components

The AGTOS roller conveyor blast machine consists of the following components:

AGTOS RT 15 Blast media circuit

The entire abrasive circuit is made of sheet steel and is designed for round and wire grit with a thickness of 0.3 - 1.5 mm. When using wire grit, it should be noted that wear is increased. Therefore, round grit is used in the vast majority of applications.

After the blasting process, the blasting material in the blasting chamber falls down into the collection hopper. Longitudinal and transverse screw conveyors transport the blasting material and the abrasive to the bucket elevator, which conveys the material upwards into the bucket head. From there it passes through the discharge chute, air classifier and perforated screen into the blast media hopper. The air classifier ensures that dust and unusable abrasive are blown out by the transverse air flow. Heavy dust particles fall through the hopper into a container below for disposal. The dust is directed to the cartridge filter system. Pneumatically controlled clamshell gates regulate the abrasive flow rate. Afterwards, 6 turbines with a turbine wheel diameter of 380 mm and a power of 15 kW each throw the blasting material onto the profiles or the sheet metal. The blasting pattern can be optimized or adjusted manually by positioning the turbines according to the application.

AGTOS RT 15 Roller conveyor blast machine Cleaning chamber

The blasting material remaining on the workpieces is removed from the workpiece in the cleaning chamber by a blower and a brush so that it does not get into the outer area of the plant. The height adjustment is automatic, or can also be corrected manually, e.g. to compress wear on the brush. The dust produced during cleaning is sucked up, the blasting material falls through a perforated plate and is thus returned to the blasting circuit.

AGTOS RT 15 roller conveyor blasting unit Filter unit

The filter system consists of the upper filter housing with suction fan, the lower filter housing and the funnel. The dust -/air stream, after separation of the heavy particles which have fallen down a baffle plate into the collecting container, flows into the lower filter chamber, flows through the fine filters of the 28 filter cartridges upwards into the clean gas space. Cleaning of the filter cartridges during operation of the system is carried out automatically by compressed air nozzles which separate the dust particles from the walls of the cartridges with compressed air blasts (adjustable time intervals). These fall down into the hopper.

The clean gas is discharged to the outside through lateral openings. Filters are also fitted to the openings in case dust needs to be trapped until the system is shut down in the event of a filter cartridge malfunction.

The filters are replaced regularly and can be done without special tools. The individual filter cartridges can be easily accessed via removable inspection flaps for their replacement. The filters achieve a volume of 2000 m³ / h at a suction pressure of 200 daPa. The residual dust content in the exhaust air is < 2 mg / m³.

AGTOS roller conveyor blasting plant Roller conveyors and transport system

The throughput speed of the plant is infinitely variable, frequency-controlled. The transport rollers in the blasting chamber are made of highly wear-resistant material. The transport rollers are driven by a chain. In the infeed, the activation of the shell slide and the blasting process is effected by the workpiece passing a switching threshold. Roller conveyors are not part of the system on the infeed and outfeed side.

AGTOS roller conveyor shot blast machine assembly

Nenok offers the plant including dismantling by trained employees. We would be pleased to take over the assembly of the blast machine at the new production site for you. Please contact us if you are interested.

AGTOS RT 15-5-6/3.6.3/15 technical data

  • Discharge speed : 88 m / s
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 7,5 x 4,1 x 5,4 m
  • Number of blades per turbine : 6 pcs.
  • Electrical connection machine : 380V/50 Hz
  • Compressed air : 6-8 bar, consumption approx. 17 m3/h
  • Blasting material : Round - wire grain 0,3 - 1,5mm
  • : 1500 mm
  • : 500 mm
  • : 6 Stck.
  • : 138 kW
  • : 380 mm
  • : 7,5 x 4,1 x 5,4 m
  • : 6 St.
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