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Description of KBS400DG-NA

The Kaltenbach KBS400 DG NA horizontal bandsaw is an automatic bandsaw for cutting profiles in steel construction and the steel trade.

The saw has a mitre device for angle cuts of -45°/60° on both sides and a material feed gripper for fully automatic processing of individual bars, layers and bundles. Once the profile has been positioned for the head cut, the individual saw sections are cut automatically. A non-driven infeed roller conveyor (approx. 2,600 mm) and outfeed roller conveyor (approx. 3,000 mm) are included in the scope of delivery.

The KBS 400 DG NA band saw has a cutting range of max. 400 x 350 mm and min. 10 x 10 mm. The hydraulic saw band feed is infinitely adjustable. The cutting angle adjustment is NC controlled. There is an automatic cycle control for clamping, sawing and unclamping. The frame of the KBS 400 DG is an inclined saw blade frame. The saw is also equipped with hydraulic cutting pressure regulation. The band tension is maintained hydraulically and the pressure is automatically reduced when the saw is at a standstill. The saw motor is frequency-controlled and has a drive power of 3.0 kW. The cutting speed is infinitely variable between 15 - 90 m/min. The sawing feed rate is 0 - 300 mm/min.

Length measurement

A material feed gripper with length measuring device and a travel distance of 2500 mm is used for automatic transport, positioning and measurement of the profiles.

Chip disposal

Chips are transported from the side of the machine bed using a chip conveyor. A second conveyor, which is included in the scope of delivery, can convey the chips into a container if required. The customer is responsible for any necessary substructure.

Material clamping vice

Profiles are clamped in the saw using a hydraulic horizontal and vertical clamping device.

Cooling device

The saw band is cooled and lubricated at the same time by means of a micro-spraying device. The cooling medium to be used can be obtained from Nenok.

Programming software

The CNC control with the machine PC, integrated in the free-standing control panel, works with the Kaltenbach Proficut software. A maximum of 99 jobs can be entered in the software. During the work process, additional jobs can be entered manually or uploaded to the machine. Data can be transferred in various ways:

  1. The operator programs directly at the control panel, which is quick and easy to do thanks to the very clear input field.
  2. The data is entered via a PC in the work preparation department and then imported via a CSV file. Data is transferred via diskette or the network.
  3. Data is entered via a CAD program. The DSTV data is imported via diskette or network.

Working ranges of the saw

  • 90° max. 400 x 350 mm, min. 10 x 10 mm
  • +60° max. 380 x 350 mm
  • - 60° max. 355 x 350 mm
  • +45° max. 315 x 350 mm
  • -45° max. 275 x 350 mm
  • Miter adjustment -45 / 60

The Kaltenbach KBS 400 DG NA is in very good condition and can be transported, assembled and commissioned by Nenok on request.

  • Saw weight: 3600 kg
  • Saw dimensions L-W-H: 2710 x 4520 x 2150 mm
  • Saw blade dimensions: 5,730 x 34 x 1.1 mm
  • Cutting speed continuously adjustable 15 - 90 m/min
  • Saw band feed adjustable 0 - 300 mm/min
  • Infeed length: 2600 mm - this can be extended
  • Roller table length - outfeed: 3000 mm - this can be extended
  • Electrical power: 5 kW
  • Weight of the saw: 2300 kg
Please note the changing performance characteristics in different model years due to innovations. We therefore assume no liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information and technical data provided on this website.
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