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Description of Behringer HBP 413A

Behringer HBP413A high performance bandsaw machine

The Behringer HBP413A automatic bandsaw is an economical metal bandsaw for automated 90° saw cuts for industrial production.

The HBP413A automatic bandsaw has a cutting range for round material from 10 mm to 410 mm and for flat material from 10 x 8 mm to 500 x 400 mm with a saw blade dimension of 5,800 x 41 x 1.3 mm.
The frequency-controlled saw blade drive has a drive power of 4 kW and a continuously variable cutting speed of 20 - 140 m/min (66 - 459 ft/min). The cutting speed can be set and read at the control panel. The total drive power is approx. 7 kW

A reliable process control system enables easy machine operation with clear menu navigation for setting up the band saw.

Description and design features of the Behringer HBP413A bandsaw machine

Stable saw frame in cast construction

The low-torsion and low-vibration saw frame has a backlash-free preloaded 4-fold guide. The two guide columns are ground and hard-chrome plated. For optimized sawing of profiles, the saw frame is inclined by 3°.

Saw band guides

Combined roller and preloaded carbide sliding guide of the saw band. Manual adjustment of the movable band guide according to the cutting width.

Saw band tensioning

Hydraulic saw band tensioning electrically monitored with automatic pressure reduction when the machine is at standstill. Automatic switch-off in case of saw band breakage and electronic monitoring of minimum speed.

Saw feed control

Both constant cutting feed when sawing solid material with overload protection, and constant cutting force when sawing tubes and profiles with automatic adaptation of the feed to the cutting width. This ensures optimum tool life and accurate cuts at maximum performance. The feed setting is infinitely variable by means of a scale. The cutting force is continuously preselectable by means of symbols.

Saw frame adjustment

Fully automatic height adjustment of the saw frame according to the material height and rapid lowering in automatic mode to reduce non-productive time.

Saw band cleaning

By a rotating chip brush with a diameter of 100 mm. The drive runs synchronously with the cutting speed. Feeding of the brush to the saw band is done by an adjusting screw. A quick-change device makes it possible to change the brushes easily and without tools.

Machine stand

Heavy, torsionally stiff machine stand in box construction with receptacles for chip and coolant containers, as well as the hydraulic system.

Material support

Workpiece feed in the machine via sturdy support rollers, approx. 1,100 mm long, roller gaps covered. Material discharge via table, depth approx. 230 mm.

Material clamping vise

Hydraulic horizontal material clamping with infinitely variable clamping pressure. Cylinder stroke over the full cutting range. Hardened clamping jaws clamping on both sides of the saw band. Inlay plates are arranged to avoid openings in the table support. These can be removed if necessary. For thin-walled tubes, it may be necessary to work with forming jaws.

Automatic material feed

Precise positioning of the feed carriage with electrically driven ball screw. Pendulum-mounted feed gripper for safe material transport, even with heavy solid material, with integrated automatic shutdown at end of material. The movable clamping jaw of the gripper traverses the entire cutting area in one stroke. The clamping pressure is infinitely adjustable together with the material gripper.

For safe and accurate positioning, only rods and tubes that are straight (max. 0.002 x l), not twisted and free of burrs are suitable.

Hydraulic system

The block-type hydraulic system is mounted on the machine column for easy access.

Cooling system

The coolant is supplied to the interface in an adjustable manner via 2 nozzles. The coolant tank is removable for easy cleaning. We are pleased to offer the suitable Nenok cooling lubricant.

Chip disposal

Large chip tray, with 200 l capacity integrated in the machine column. Easy chip disposal due to wide, easily accessible ejection opening.

NC program control of the Behringer HBP413A

  • Modern programmable logic controller with clear masks on LC display for simple and safe manual and automatic operation.
  • Input of max. 10 sets with preselection of cut-off length to 0.01 mm setting accuracy, number of pieces and gate length is possible.
  • Calculation for automatic adjustment of the replenishment length is done automatically.
  • Display and stepless adjustment of the cutting speed in the cutting data mask.
  • Display of cutting times, operating hours and belt life in the Time recording mask
  • Input and display of machine constants, such as cutting channel, of opening and closing times, special functions, inputs and outputs of the PLC, etc. in further clearly arranged masks
  • Errors and faults are displayed in plain text with time information
  • Additionally integrated is an automatic start without gate or with preselected gate length by bar start detection with light barrier. For this purpose, a bar with a diameter from 20 mm or flat material from 20 x 15 mm with sufficient initial length must be inserted into the infeed gripper. For cut-off lengths with narrowed tolerances, a gate is recommended and for larger bar weights, roller conveyors with driven idlers are additionally required.

Other technical specifications:

  • Minimum cut-off length in automatic mode 10 mm
  • Minimum cut-off length in automatic mode 110 mm, manual 10 mm
  • Material feed per stroke 400 mm, Max 3600 mm
  • Material support 800 mm plus roller conveyor
  • Saw band tension hydraulically, electrically monitored
  • NC program control
  • Auto Feed Control with cut monitoring
  • Behringer chip conveyor
  • Saw band guide adjustment
  • Micro - spray system

This reliable used Behringer bandsaw machine is in a very good condition.

  • : 2350 kg
  • : 1950 x 2950 x 2550 mm
  • : 5800 x 41 x 1,3 mm
  • : 10 - 410 mm
  • : 500 x 400 mm
  • : 20 - 140 m/min

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