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Description of Voortman VB750 + V613

The Voortman-VB 750 bandsaw was specially developed for automatic cutting of steel. High-quality cutting results and optimum cutting speeds are guaranteed by the stable construction of the system. The service life of the saw blades is additionally optimised by the minimum quantity lubrication in the form of spray mist of a water / oil mixture.

Process times can be minimized by the belt pressure monitoring. The feed is optimally controlled before and after reaching the carrier material. The height - laser scanning for the recognition of the material height is the reason for this. Sawing into the table is avoided by lowering the table during sawing. Furthermore, the VB 750 horizontal bandsaw has a hydraulic material clamping horizontally on the left side and vertically on the right side of the saw band. The saw band is inclined by 3° to the material support surface. The bandsaw can process the following mitre cut measurements: +/- 30° max. 450 x 620 mm, +/- 45° max. 450 x 480 mm, -60° 450 x 300 mm.

The Voortman V613 Beam Drilling System has a swivelling drill head, so all common profiles, beam flanges and webs can be drilled. Further the V613 is equipped with 2 tool changers for 5 tools each, for the admission of drilling layout marking tools, thread taps as well as countersunk drills. HSS and carbide tools can be used. Carbide drills can be used from diameter 13 up to 32 mm, screw taps from M8 to M24.

The Voortman roller feed system is the fastest measuring and transportation system for profiles in the market. This system combines two driven and two pressure rolls, which use their large contact area to firmly clamp the profile during processing. The two separate measuring discs keep an accurate track of the position of the profile while moving it with high speed. As the profile needs to be clamped only once, waiting time is eliminated. The automatic tool change in combination with the high degree of automation of the Voortman drilling rigs guarantee operation without operator intervention.

The VACAM control software processes the uploaded DSTV or DSTV+ files (completely nested) into the processing list. Then the machining process can be started at the push of a button. In accordance with the integration of the conveyor units, the process runs automatically from placement to removal of the completely processed products.
With the Online - diagnosis there is the possibility via Team Viewer that the service department of the company Voortman switches to the system.

The saw drill line is equipped with a complete material transport system:

Infeed roller conveyor with a length of 22.5 m and cross transfer system with a length of 4.5 m as chain type system.
Outfeed roller conveyor with 21.2 m long discharge roller conveyor and 4.5 m long cross transver system as chain type system

  • : 50 - 750 mm
  • : 10 - 450 mm
  • : 8 - 40 mm
  • : 1
  • : 7350 x 41 x 1,3 mm
  • : 17 t
  • : 2 x 5
  • : SK 40
  • : 40 - 120 m/min
  • : 3 °
  • : 200 l/min.
  • : Säge: 5,5 kW
  • : Bohranlage: 30 KW
  • : Bohranlage: 10 - 50 mm
  • : Bohranlge: 450 - 1050 mm
  • : 0 - 2500 U/min



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