Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG - KDS 615
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Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG - KDS 615

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Description of Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG - KDS 615

The Kaltenbach KBS 620 DG-KDS 615 saw-drill line consists of a horizontal bandsaw Kaltenbach KBS 620 DG and a 3-axis CNC drill line type Kaltenbach KDS 615. This drill-saw line is ideally suited for the economical sawing, drilling, center punching and threading of profiles and flat steel bars in medium-sized steel construction and steel trade.

The CNC-controlled Kaltenbach system consists of the following components:

A horizontal mitre band saw Kaltenbach KBS 620 DG with double mitre swivelling by +60/-45 degrees.
This is equipped with an inclined cutting device for double mitre and is suitable for sawing steel profiles and flat steel bars. The saw blade dimension of the KBS 620 DG is 6175 x 41 x 1.3 mm, the saw blade versions Bi-metal M2, Bi-metal M42, Bi-metal M51 can be used. The cutting speed is infinitely variable in a range of 15 - 100 m/min.

A Kaltenbach KDS 615 profile beam drilling machine is equipped with 3 drilling units (one vertical and two horizontal) and a 5-fold tool changer per axis.
The largest workpiece dimension of the drilling unit is 640 x 420 mm, the smallest dimension is 50 x 50 x 5 mm.

The automatic tool changer stores the suitable drilling tools for drilling with carbide drills or HSS coolant channel drills in the dimensions 10 - 40 mm. Carbide drills with a replaceable plate or regrindable high-performance HSS coolant channel drills from Nenok with a Morse taper attachment are used. The cooling channel drills and saw blades are cooled by air with an oil micro-dosing system. The minimum quantity lubricant nencool Micro is used as cooling lubricant for optimum tool cooling.

The saw-drill combination is equipped with a measuring carriage system for measuring the length of the profile beams and the appropriate transport system. Via the CNC control and the Kaltenbach Profiline software, all functions and work sequences of the saw-drill unit are controlled according to the dimensions previously programmed in DSTV format.

Further technical data:

Double mitre band saw KBS 620 DG:

Cutting range at 45 degrees: I horizontal 430 x 350 mm
Cutting range at 60 degrees: square 290 x 350 mm
Saw band dimensions 6175 x 41 x 1.3 mm
Cutting speed 15 - 90 m/min
Working feed - 400 mm/min

3 axes CNC drilling machine KDS 615:
Drilling spindle speed range 100 - 2500 rpm
Drilling spindle drive power x 15 kW
Total drill length. 160 - 460 mm
Drill feed range 40 - 1000 mm/min

As an option Nenok can offer you transport and assembly as well as training for this machine.

  • : 620 mm
  • : 440 mm
  • : 10 - 40 mm
  • : 3
  • : 6990 x 41 x 1,3 mm
  • : 15 - 100 m/min
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