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Coping machine, coping robot

Coping machine, coping robot

Flame cutting robot, notching robot, robot cutting machine

Notching of profiles in steel construction, steel trade and metal construction with the help of oxy-fuel cutting or plasma cutting. CNC controlled robotic cutting machines burn steel profiles according to a programmed firing file. The inaccurate and expensive notching by hand is therefore uneconomical.

Flame cutting robots and notching flame cutting machines are available from Kaltenbach, Ficep, Voortman, Vernet-Behringer, HGG and Peddinghaus. Much of the cost-effectiveness of a modern notching plant depends heavily on the proper software, CNC control and a good machine operator. Due to the slim design of the oxy-fuel burners, these are widely used in addition to the plasma technology and in addition to a plasma torch in addition for the cutting of thicker materials available. The conversion from the plasma torch to the autogenous burner and vice versa is associated with little effort. Despite the modern plasma technology and laser technology, the autogenous cutting technology is widely used in steel construction due to the low cost factor for wearing parts and the less expensive extraction technology. In order to ensure all requirements for high production reliability and good environmental protection, usually all modern flame cutting robots are provided with a full encapsulation including dirt extraction. High-performance filter systems clean the harmful vapors that are created when using plasma cutting. The application adapted feed roller tracks and discharge roller conveyors with cross-transfer systems ensure fast material transport in and out of the machine. In some cases, combinations consisting of a flame cutting robot with a beam drill line are also in use. These systems are an interesting alternative to the saw drill line combination.

The following are two example videos for the notching of profile beams:

  • Voortman V613 beam drill line combination with a Voortman V806 robotic thermal cutting machine

  • Kaltenbach KC1200 notching robot

Kaltenbach KC 1200 coping robot
Voortman V806 coping machine
Release profile carrier
Beam coping

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