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Continuous shot blasting system, roller conveyor blasting machine

Continuous shot blasting system Schlick RB 3000 with 6 turbines and roller conveyor
Schlick blasting machine with profile carrier on the infeed side
Brush system for cleaning Gietart GW2500 blasting machine
Gietart GW 2500 blast machine with infeed roller conveyers
Kaltenbach Sprint A 1504 shot blast machine with filter system
Kaltenbach Sprint 1504 shot blaster

Continuous blasting machines, roller blast machines are available in a wide range of equipment and dimensions for cleaning, descaling, derusting and cleaning sheet metal, steel plates or profiles.

Due to their construction, the design of shot blasting machines is particularly suitable for long and flat workpieces. The workpieces to be blasted (sheets, flat steel, tubes or profiles) are placed on the infeed roller conveyor (or - if they are smaller workpieces - on a wire basket) in front of the system and pass through the blasting chamber via the roller conveyor. Rubber protection curtains in front of and behind the roller conveyor ensure that the abrasive material, which has been accelerated to a high speed, is not thrown out of the system.

Since roller blast machines are exposed to very high levels of self-wear by blasting, it is important to make the right choice of machine quality from a variety of manufacturers. Cheap new machines often only last a short time and then have to be extensively renovated and repaired. Please note also the availability and costs for wearing parts and spare parts. The savings achieved in the first moment are later worn out by a lower blasting performance and complex repair work.

Therefore, Nenok acts only with solid used shot blast machines from reliable manufacturers. Naturally, the brands of high-quality roller conveyor blasting machines differ, and this is due to the fact that manufacturers are constantly investing in new innovations in order to make blasting more economical.

Well-known blasting equipment manufacturers are Agtos, Gietart, Rump, Voortman, Rösler, Kaltenbach, Wheelabrator, Gutmann and Schlick.

If you purchase one of the above-mentioned blasting machines, it is highly likely that you will still find high-quality replacement parts for an older blasting machine after many years of use and receive the appropriate service.

In addition to the drive power, the energy consumption, the filter technology and the availability of spare parts, the wear of the centrifugal turbine, the screw conveyor, the bucket elevators, the delivery hoses and the inner lining (manganese plates) is an important aspect for deciding which roller conveyor the customer is investing in should. Depending on the task area, blast machines with 4, 6, 8 and more blast wheel turbines are used. The jet turbines accelerate the blasting medium to throw it with a high kinetic energy to the workpiece to be cleaned. As a blasting medium for the cleaning of steel profiles usually steel in spherical shape, wire grain, edged steel blasting etc. is used. Depending on which materials (for example steel, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) are to be blasted, different blasting agents are used. The selection of the optimum abrasive is a very complex issue that we do not want to deepen here as a used machine dealer. If you need assistance in selecting the appropriate product, we will gladly forward it to our specialists at partner companies. The impact energy dissolves scale, rust or other contaminants from the surface. Of course, since the turbines themselves are subject to high wear, it is important that the turbine housings, paddle wheels and other wearing parts be easily replaced.

The basic size of blasting machines in steel construction and steel trade is the type 1500 or 1600. This means the size of the blasting chamber opening of 1500 mm width x 500 mm height meant. This basic blasting machine with a 1500 mm large blasting chamber opening is in most cases sufficient for the steelworker to blast both sheets and the required profile beams. If the components to be blasted no longer fit through a larger blaster (systems with an opening width of 3000 mm), either design blast systems with an even larger opening or free-jet booths are used.

When using a continuous blast machine, the sheets and profiles are placed on the infeed roller table and then drive automatically through the roller conveyor through the blasting system. After blasting and cleaning the components, they are conveyed to the next processing station with the outfeed roller table or the cross transfer tables. In most steelworks, the blast machine is installed with a soundproof booth to protect the workshop environment from noise and dirt. Since the main task of blasting equipment cleaning is the workpieces, the large amount of dust and dirt must be well filtered and the blasting abrasive cleaned continuously. Therefore, it is particularly important that the selection of a reliable blasting system is also tested in terms of the filter system. Purification also includes the return of the blasting media from the profiles and sheets by means of a blow-off device and the brushing device. These ensure that the workpieces are cleaned of the blasting material and the impurities now dissolved, in order then to be conveyed on the roller conveyor to the next processing position. The contaminated blasting agent is reprocessed via different filter systems and passes by means of screw conveyors and a bucket elevator (located on a belt buckets / buckets) for reuse in the blasting agent bunker above the plant.

The majority of the through-jet equipment used is used at the beginning of the production process. The positioning of a roller conveyor blasting system in addition to the delivery of material in the outdoor area significantly improves the cleanliness in a steel construction. In addition, when the profiles and sheets are blasted, the wear of tools such as burner nozzles, drills and saw blades, which are used in further processing, is reduced.

Take advantage of our worldwide good contacts to the steel construction and steel trade for the purchase or sale of a roller conveyor or continuous blasting machine.

Used blasting machines in good quality and at low prices are available at Nenok in Cologne.

Agtos Durchlaufstrahlanlage mit 8 Strahlturbinen und Schallschutzkabine im Einsatz bei einem Stahlbauer
Gietart GW 1500 Rollenbahnstrahlanlage Innenansicht mit Strahlkammer und Bürste
Gietart Sprint 2.6 Durchlaufstrahlanlage für das Strahlen von Blechen, Flachstahl und Profilen.
Rösler Durchlaufstrahlanlage
Wheelabrator Durchlaufstrahlanlage Type Schlick RB 1500 für den Einsatz im Stahlbau
Rösler RRB 11-5 Durchlaufstrahlanlage ausgelegt für das Strahlen von Aluminium Profilen.

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