Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG
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Description of Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG

The Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG semi-automatic mitre band sawing machine is a modern sawing machine for steel construction profiles, such as horizontal double-T beams, steel L and steel U profiles as well as square tubes.

A comprehensive Kaltenbach T13 transport system is part of the band sawing machine and is composed of a 15,5 m long infeed roller conveyor and a 14,5 m long outfeed roller conveyor.

On the infeed side, a 15,75 m long parallel roller conveyor system is installed, which transports the material onto the saw roller conveyor with 5 cross transfer tables as a chain conveyor system. On the outfeed side, a 14,75 m long parallel roller conveyor system is installed.

On the outfeed side, the material can be conveyed from the outfeed roller conveyor after the sawing process via a further 5 chain cross conveyor. A deposit on the additional roller conveyor is possible, as well as a removal, e.g. by means of a forklift. The Kaltenbach T13 transport system is operated via the control panel.

A motorised adjustable length stop Kaltenbach LS 270 with NC control is used for material measurement. The measuring length is designed for max. 13.000 mm. The length stop consists of a measuring stop with a wide stop plate that can be raised and lowered. A pneumatically extendable adapter enables the measurement of short material cuts.

The profile clamping in the KBS 750 DG bandsaw is carried out via a hydraulic horizontal and a vertical clamp. The large mitre adjustment of the NC-controlled double mitre bandsaw ranges from + 30° to - 70°.

To be able to help the machine user quickly in the case of a malfunction, there is the option of remote diagnosis via an analogue telephone line.

Extract from the special equipment of the mitre band sawing machine and therefore included:

  • Chip conveyor
  • Cutter monitoring system to control a blunting saw blade
  • Laser for displaying the cutting edge
  • Heating device for control panel and control cabinet (for temperatures below 5 °C)
  • Subsequently installed noise damping
  • : 7 kW
  • : 3,1 t
  • : 5,5 kW
  • : 3,23 x 1,16 x 2,42 m
  • : 6990 x 41 x 1,3 mm
  • : 500 mm
  • : 15 - 90 m/min
  • : 750 mm
  • : 0 - 300 mm/min
  • : 750 x 500 mm
  • : 730 x 500 mm
  • : 710 x 500 mm
  • : 670 x 500 mm
  • : 650 x 500 mm
  • : 550 x 500 mm
  • : 520 x 500 mm
  • : 390 x 500 mm
  • : 640 mm
  • : 6 - 8 bar
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